Cufflinks For Men

Cufflinks for men

Cufflinks offer the men the to display their personality in a unique yet stylish way through a piece of jewelry. Fashion is the same for all and the element which adds up in the fashion sphere is accessory. Whether call it an accessory or jewelry for men, cufflinks are the most phenomenal addition to it. This not only covers the boundaries of fashion and style to men’s wardrobe but it holds a purpose for joining the cuffs together in a stylish way. They are usually put on with the dress shirts and are functional yet ornamental, which works for fastening the shirt cuffs and act as an alternative to buttons. However, they are referred to the formal or semi-formal events such as weddings, official events, etc. cufflinks for men are considered to be awesome way to show the aesthetic sense of style which they carry while wearing formal wear. Though cufflinks for men come in a lot of designs and carry on with vast ranges of designs and materials to keep the trend up to date.

cufflinks for men

Best Cufflinks designs

While considering the current status of cufflink designs, it has acclaimed an enormous variety of designs and colors. These  amazing cufflink designs are used with the type of even and function with the desired color concerning the occasion and dress code, which seems to be an immense collection of cufflinks for men for a better intention of embellishing themselves. The cufflink designs come in a lot of varieties which most commonly include bullet back cufflinks, which is one of the most common types with small detailing on one side while having a bullet shape clip and best likely for those who like a snug fit. The other include is a whaleback cufflink mostly similar to the previous one but with a whale-shaped back. There are many more designs and type which are common among men and comprise a chain-link cufflink with a small-sized chain to accompany both ends together giving a looser fit. The fix back cufflinks are another common one that is a little hard to insert but gives an elegant look for the class cravers. The others are stud cufflinks, ball return cufflinks, and silk knot cufflinks.

Cufflinks materials

The cufflinks are a very popular accessory among men, though this men’s wear item is not less of a precious ornament with elegant stones. However, the material used to manufacture the cufflinks is not less than the feel of royalty, though gold, silver, and platinum are the most common and liked by most of the majority. The other materials popular among the majority of men are carbon fiber with a silvery surface and modern designs, crystal is another which gives a versatile look available with a variety of colorful designs and sizes. Enamel is a material with a shiny smooth surface popular for dark styles though the most affordable and easygoing material is glass which is not less of the best quality. However, the cufflink materials also vary with different types just like designs and have a vast variety which mainly contains gunmetal, mother of pearl, titanium, sterling silver and silk, etc.

Cufflinks trends

The cufflinks do much more than keeping the cuffs neat and pulls in the air of style and sophistication with the formal wear of men though keeping an eye on the existing styles and designs of the cufflinks raises the winds of trend and keep the style with an ongoing pace. There are various styles and designs of cufflinks along with some common and fancy materials which give a lot of fresh trendy vibes.






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Jewel Style Silver Cufflinks with Zircon & Diamonds-CL-1090

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Luxury Cufflinks with Big Zircon-CL-1063


Luxury engraved blanks Cufflinks Chain-CLC-1002


Luxury Gold Cufflinks with Blue Zircon-CL-1088

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Luxury Multi shades Cufflinks with cyrstal work- CL-0100

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Luxury Round Cufflinks with Zircon CL-0105


Luxury Silver Cufflinks with Black Zircon CL-0106

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Luxury square Cufflinks with Green Zircon CL-0104

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Luxury square Cufflinks with Zircon CL-0103