Shirt Care

Shirt Care

A Y.BRND Shirt is made to be lived in, but the right care will increase your shirt’s longevity and decrease the environmental impact on our planet. Personal care is much preferred to trips to the dry cleaners. As with all dry cleaning, the chemicals and bulk washing will erode the material more quickly than it would otherwise. However, if need be please ask your cleaners to use a light press and no starch.

Handy tips on how to care for your Y.BRAND Shirt:

Remember to remove your collar stays before you wash or launder your shirt. This will avoid uneven wear on the collar points. Always unbutton your shirt before laundering. This takes the pressure off the buttons and helps keep them from popping off. Before washing, turn your shirts inside out. Not only will you protect the mother of pearl buttons, but you will also keep your whites bright. All Y.BRAND Shirts can be machine washed at 40°C; however, we ask you to consider the environment and recommend a lower wash temperature of 30°C. For more soiled shirts you can use a temperature of 40-60°C and pre-treat any stain with detergent before washing. To increase the life of your shirt, hang dry it. Do not tumble dry and do not wring the shirt. Iron your shirt while it is still slightly damp or sprays a small amount of water on the shirt whilst ironing. Your shirt means a lot to you. We recommend you hang them on wooden hangers so that they maintain their shape and ensure that they last longer.


Stains usually cause a shirt to age quickly. Try to treat the stain as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage. Avoid rubbing stains, which can fray the fabric. Dab with a tissue to lift away as much as possible. Water and soap should deal with most others, except oils. For stains caused by wear, such as under the yellowing on the armpits and around the collar, putting extra soap on them before a wash is the best course of action. To best avoid underarm stains try switching to an aluminum-free deodorant or a deodorant with minimal aluminum, as most underarm stains are often caused by the reaction between the antiperspirant ingredient and the salt in sweat. Finally, allow your deodorant to dry before putting your shirt on to prevent rub-off on the fabric.

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